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Information about SE-HLK
Last update: 29 Jul 2017
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8047
Year: 1968
Last known operator:
This helicopter was imported from Norway by Lapplandsflyg Lap-Air AB in 1981. It was operated in the mountain world for two months (July-September) before it was substantially damaged in an accident.

SE-HLK was eventually repaired, partly thanks to using some components from the crashed SE-HEE, and it returned to service as a "B" model in mid 1992.

The helicopter served Lapplandsflyg until the company's retirement in 2012. It was sold to the private company HLK Fjällnära Transporter AB in September 2012. HLK Fjällnära Transporter AB is stationed in Ammarnäs.

The helicopter joined HeliAir Sweden's large fleet in July 2016. The Jet Ranger came to be used for a wide range of operations, including taxi flights in the Swedish mountain world around Hemavan and Ammarnäs. The jobs were marketed through the sales company Helikopterflyg AB, which also used an AS350BA (SE-JVK) for its operations. SE-HLK left HeliAir's fleet within a year. It returned to private operations in HLK Fjällnära Transporter AB.
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