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Information about SE-HKP
Last update: 24 Feb 2018
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 2987
Year: 1980
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed by Bell in 1980 and was imported to Sweden by the legendary Bell agent Ostermans Aero AB in September the same year. It was however sold to Norway (reg LN-OSM) the year after and stayed there for nine years before it returned to Sweden again in 1990 – this time purchased by the agricultural company Laroy Flyg AB.

This time the stay in Sweden proved to be more long-lived. Laroy Flyg dry-leased the aircraft to Osterman Helicopter from 1991 and Osterman Helicopter later purchased the aircraft (in 1992).
SE-HKP was involved in an accident while collecting water samples from a lake south of Alvesta on 29th of July 1993. The aircraft struck the surface of the lake quite hard and submerged. The helicopter was recovered and repaired by the well-established maintenance company Ostermans Aero AB and it returned to operation in 1994.

SE-HKP made its way to Stockholm based Arlanda Helicopter AB in 1997. Arlanda Helicopter put the machine into use in air taxi, power line inspections, filming and various related tasks. It was painted all-red in early-2000.

SE-HKP left Arlanda Helicopter's fleet for a private owner in September 2017.
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