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Information about SE-HJR
Last update: 2 Oct 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 1011
Year: 2010
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed at the French Cabri factory in early-2010. It was imported to Sweden by the large Eurocopter and Cabri dealer Savback Helicopters AB.

The helicopter, which is in a mint condition, was used for demonstration purposes throughout Scandinavia. It was the first helicopter of its type in Scandinavia.

The G2 was incorporated in Northern Helicopters' fleet of training helicopters in November 2010. The aircraft was initially still owned by Savback Helicopters and leased to Northern Helicopters, but the ownership changed in October 2011.

SE-HJR was used as a training helicopter together with its sister ship SE-JNE. The two helicopters - the first ones in Scandinavia - were based at Jönköping Airport.

In 2013 SE-HJR became one of the first Cabri G2s world-wide to reach the scheduled maintenance interval 2200 hours. The aircraft was flown to the factory in Aix-en-Provence, southern France, in June. Once at the factory the helicopter got equipped with an external cargo hook for future sling-load training at the flight school's integrated CPL courses.

In March 2015 Northern Helicopters announced its intention to replace the fleet of Cabri helicopters with Robinson aircraft. An R44 (SE-JPH) was added to the Swedish fleet in May 2015, and the first Cabri (SE-JNE) was exported to Spain the same month. SE-HJR was offered for sale. It was exported to France in September 2015.
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