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Information about SE-HIO
Last update: 20 Jun 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 425
Year: 1978
Last known operator:
SE-HIO was constructed by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation in Michigan back in 1978. It was operated in USA as N51754 for a while, but in 1979 Swedish Ostermans Aero AB purchased the machine. During the next five years the helicopter was owned by three different operators, one in Stockholm, one in Örnsköldsvik and one in Värmlands Nysäter. In 1987 the helicopter was purchased by Roslagens Helikopterflyg, the Swedish Enstrom dealer. The helicopter was mainly used for training in Norrtälje.

On 22 March 2002 the helicopter was involved in an accident when it sank through the ice on the lake Limmaren, close to Norrtälje, when the crew practiced emergency procedures. No person was injured in the accident. The helicopter was written off.
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