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Information about SE-HII
Last update: 15 Apr 2012
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8290
Year: 1971
Last known operator:
Constructed back in 1971 this aircraft, SE-HII, came to Sweden in 1978. It was purchased by a company named Backman Helicopters in Vällingby, Stockholm. Three years thereafter, in 1981, AB Fiskflyg acquired the machine. Fiskflyg had earlier operated several Bell 47s, and this helicopter made the first turbine-engined helicopter in company's fleet.

The Jet Ranger proved to be very successful in Fiskflyg's kind of activities. It can still be seen in service with Fiskflyg in the areas around Jokkmokk and Gällivare up to this date! In fact it's accompanied with two other Bell helicopters and a brand new EC 120.

Fiskflyg is using the helicopter for a wide range of missions, but mainly in reindeer herding as well as transporting hunters, hikers and fishermans. The helicopter is specially equipped for such purposes. In fact Fiskflyg has installed an aluminium floor to protect the helicopter from getting worn by damages caused by repeated loadings and unloadings. The helicopter is also equipped with a mirror for sling loads, a loudspeaker (which sounds like an american police car) for reindeer herding and a special radio that the laplanders use. The aircraft is in an incredible good condition. One can easy see that the helicopter is treated with love and respect from a true enthusiastic company. Despite the fact that the helicopter is more than 30 years old it's one of the most well treated Jet Rangers I've seen in a long time!
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