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Information about SE-HGU
Last update: 7 Mar 2014
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8499
Year: 1975
Last known operator:
This helicopter was purchased in a brand new condition by Ostermans Aero AB in 1976. It was acquired by the new company Osterman Helicopter AB in 1981, and it was in fact one of their very first helicopters. In 1982 the helicopter was involved in an accident, when a mechanic walked in to the running tail rotor. The fate of the mechanic is unknown, but the helicopter was not damaged.

In 1984 Ostermans Aero AB purchased the helicopter and the company JTL Helikopterflyg AB started to operate SE-HGU. It was sold to Denmark and registered OY-HDC on 6 May 1985.

OY-HDC was operated for GLACE at the east coast of Greenland. It was later transferred to Heliwork Greenland ApS at Qaqortoq.
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