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Information about SE-HFT
Last update: 24 Sep 2015
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 15-0692S
Year: 1974
Last known operator:
SE-HFT came to Sweden in 1976. It was owned by four operators (Hyr-Flyg, SAAB-Scania, Cassel Aero and Nord-Flyg) before it was sold to Norway in mid 1984. After a few years the helicopter returned to Sweden, this time purchased by the owner of Dala Helikopter (DHAB). The helicopter was put in service with Dala Helikopter and has operated in the company ever since. The helicopter is flown for approx 100 hours each year, mainly used for plant settings, reindeer herding and inventory flights. It was often operated by the company's pilot Per-Gunnar Jonsson in the Dala region, but could be seen in Stockholm from time to time.

Dala Helikopter closed its business in 2010, and SE-HFT was exported via the US in November the same year.
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