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Information about SE-HEY
Last update: 11 May 2013
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 11-0291S
Year: 1971
Last known operator:
N9078F, LN-OQV
N3223S, ZK-HJB
The aircraft was constructed in 1971 and operated in the US and Norway for a year before it came to Sweden. It was registered SE-HEY in June 1972, imported by Fjällflyg (the Granqvist brothers) in Kiruna.

In 1977 the helicopter was purchased by a film production company in Stockholm. It can be seen in the 1977 miniseries 'Sinkadus' as a police helicopter with the letters 'KRIPO' painted on the side. It was used for aerial filming in three years before it returned to northern Sweden, this time acquired by a few private owners in Laisvall.

In 1985 a company in Linköping purchased the machine, and a year later it was sold to Trollhättan-based Skyline Helikopter AB. It was operated by the company in three years before it was sold to VIP Air, based in Umeå. Before being sold to an US owner in January 1995 the aircraft was owned by Malmskogens Aerocenter AB for a couple of days.

It was seen in the swedish movie 'Hajen som visste för mycket' made by "Galenskaparna och Aftershave".
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