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Information about SE-HBM
Last update: 10 May 2010
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 8043
Year: 1968
Last known operator:
This helicopter was constructed back in 1968 and was registered in Sweden as SE-HBM by Ostermans Aero AB the same year. In 1972 it came to use when the country of Bangladesh suffered from catastrophic flooding. The helicopter was painted white and put in service in the country according to a contract with the Swedish Red Cross. It left Bangladesh and went back to Sweden in November 1973. In 1976 it was purchased by JTL Helikopterflyg in Malmö. It was later on sold to a costumer in UK, in September 1980, and registered G-BHYW. The aircraft was converted to a B-version in UK and operated for quite some years, before it was written off in June of 1993.
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