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Information about SE-HAD
Last update: 26 Jul 2011
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Aircraft Data
S/N: 39
Year: 1948
Last known operator:
This aircraft was constructed as a D-model by Bell Aircraft Corporation in 1948 (test flown as NC185B). It was imported to Sweden by Ostermans Aero AB, and became the forth helicopter in Sweden. The aircraft was involved in an accident at Ängskär in Stockholm’s archipelago in April 1956, but it was restored and was soon employed in Ostermans’ pipeline support operatons in India (together with SE-HAE and SE-HAG). It had an accident in India in 1958, and was eventually returned to Sweden, where it was modified to a D-1. The aircraft was sold to Norway in 1963, but it was retired in 1970.

The replica
In 1967 Ostermans Aero donated a replica of SE-HAD to the Museum of Aviation at Arlanda Airport in order to celebrate Osterman’s 20th anniversary. The mock-up aircraft was marked SE-HAD, but it was mainly built by surplus parts that had nothing to do with the original SE-HAD. The 1967 replica has been preserved by the museum, and it can still be seen as a part of their exhibition.
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